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In the collective 30 years of their careers, Alex and Ned have built and launched dozens of products for companies of all sizes.  Some great, some doomed to fail—but all as work-for-hire or as part of a day job.  After meeting on one of these consulting gigs, the two became friends and quickly realized they shared an entrepreneurial spirit as well as complementary skill sets.  After banging around app ideas for couple of years, the pair came together in earnest on two joint-venture deals in late 2017 into early 2018 and just like that, Left Shoe Studios was born.

We started Left Shoe to get out of the cycle of trading time for money in an endless parade of services consulting.  With Left Shoe, we want to bring our own ideas to life as well as to lend our skills selectively as part of exciting joint-venture deals.

— Ned Richards

Most recently, the partners launched their first product called DropPop™—Dropoff/Pickup Alerts for Kids.  Left Shoe is building DropPop™ as an inexpensive alternative to family “tracker” apps that rely on children to have pricey smartphones, DropPop relies on the phones adults already have. Parents get a friendly ping each time any of their kids are dropped off or picked up.

DropPop™ is currently in major release on both the Google Play Store and App Store.

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